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We have compiled a list of what we think are the most important things to know as you get for the Tulum Food, Spirit & Wine Festival. 


Cell Phones: Make sure you call your provider before you leave the US. Most Cell companies have plans that include free text, calls, and unlimited data. Be sure to ask. Some plans will include free text & calls, but only give you 1GB of data. Data piles up quickly when you are not using WIFI, and your bill will be ginormous. Most places here in Tulum has WIFI, so be sure to turn off your data and roaming when using WIFI!

Bank Cards: Before leaving the US, call all CC cards and the Bank your Debit card / ATM card is attached to. Let them know the duration of your travels here in Mexico. If not, and you try to use your card here in Mexico, most banks will freeze your card(s), thinking it is fraudulent activity - and you will be left without money! 

Cash / Pesos: ATM withdrawals here in Tulum with be charged a couple of times: a foreign bank transaction, an ATM transaction & a service fee for the amount that you withdraw. Make sure you check with your bank prior to see what all charges occur on their end. Each ATM here in Tulum will let you know what the ATM charge is prior to giving you money. The best thing to do, is to bring dollars, and exchange the in one of the local banks (HSBC, ScotiaBank & CiBanco). 

Transportation to & from the Airport: 

Ride with our Exclusive Transportation Company, Lomas, and travel in style and comfort. 

There are also shuttles available, taxis and other forms of transportation, that you can purchase tickets from at the Airport, or you can pre purchase tickets online.

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