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Chef Marc Bynum

Marc Anthony Robert Bynum, three-time Chopped Champion, was born and raised on Long Island among four siblings. Watching his mother cook for the family and observing “the joy on people’s faces while eating” was what initially drew him to being a chef. He always had a gift with his hands, even at an early age, and he has translated that to the presentation of his dishes.

Chef Bynum only form of culinary training came at a vocational school while in high school. Thus, with no formal culinary training he relied on his palate and diligent studying of his craft to enhance his knowledge of different food and cuisines. Bynum consistently found himself working for less pay to obtain the experience of cooking in certain restaurants where he sought to gain knowledge of several types of cuisine. This hard work and dedication led Bynum to head some of the most prestigious kitchen restaurants on Long island including: Four Food Studio, Prime Restaurant, Tellers and Venue 56. In these restaurants, Chef Bynum received three stars from Newsday and The New York Times.

In June of 2010, Chef Marc Anthony Bynum appeared on popular Food Network cooking show, Chopped.  He claimed victory twice before coming up short in the season finale of Chopped Champions. The success of the show coupled with his thriving restaurant work, Chef Bynum stepped out on his own and launched his own company, MBynumCreations. The company specializes in hospitality consulting and private events. MBynumCreations has now allowed him to appear at countless charity events where he can draw attention to causes that he is passionate about like childhood obesity and depression. 


In November 2014, Chef Bynum returned to his hometown of Farmingdale to open his first restaurant, Hush Bistro. Hush Bistro was an immediate success garnering three stars in Newsday and three stars in The New York Times. Subsequently, Hush Bistro was rated Newsday's 2015 No. 2 Restaurant in Fine Dining on Long Island. 

In late 2015, Chef Bynum returned to the Food Network to compete in Chopped: Impossible featuring other Chopped Champions. History repeated itself and he was declared Chopped Champion, however once reaching the season finale, he was eliminated.

In August 2017, Chef Bynum fulfilled yet another part of his MBynumCreations vision with the launch of Hush Huntington. The big brother of the original Hush Bistro located in Farmingdale, New York. 2016 was a busy year for Bynum with several other accomplishments including: providing craft services for Saturday Night Live; serving the CBS Morning Crew; personal chef services to A-list celebrities and diplomats  an appearance on SiriusXM Hip Hop Nation; Hush Bistro being named one of the top 100 Bistros on Long Island; and the most memorable achievement when Chef’s signature St. Louis Style ribs were featured on the O List of the O Magazine in the July Issue with a mention on the front cover of the magazine.


Chef Bynum’s success is testament to his vision – “no matter what, never give up on your dreams.” 

   The 2018 calendar for Bynum includes MB Ramen (early march), Fatwood BBQ and Southern Kitchen, and 2 more Hush Bistro Restaurants. And the relaunch of Bynum Hospitality Group, formerly MBynumCreations.

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