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It's All About Food, Spirits and Wine

The Tulum Food Festival, Spirits and Wine, 2018 will celebrate its 2nd annual 'Chefs Cooking for a Cause' from May 22nd to May 27th. All portions of the festival revenues will go to a different charity. This year's charitable proceeds will go to Puerto Rico's Hurricane funds, and to help the street animals of Mexico. All sponsors, Mexico's government and all the participating Chefs will create to make a difference.

Tulum Food, Spirits & Wine, 2018, is a 6-day gastronomic festival & restaurant week. The week kicks off with participating restaurants, throughout Playa del Carmen and Tulum, who will feature a 3-course meal, at discounted prices, for lunch or dinner. The last 3 days, the festival explodes in Tulum with gastronomy events that exhibits a diverse set of chefs from the United States and Mexico who will celebrate and pay homage to traditional Mexican cuisine, local products and the Agave plant that produces some of the best spirits in Mexico. Food, spirits, wine, beer, an array of spices, and artisanal products will adorn the Festival, and will leave you breathless. Music and special presentations will be part of the recipe, creating a fun culinary and cultural environment for attendees. 

Attendees will have access to a tasting of several restaurants and bevies, amazing meals from Mexican Chefs and renown US Chefs who will bring their version of Mexican flavors to Tulum's best restaurants. There will also be a mixologist contest, and chefs competing for the best Ceviche title. In addition, the festival will showcase 2 days of Agave spirits, alongside the creative, varied world of street food vendors. 

During the festival, we will be filming: Into the Fire. A docu-series that will follow certain chefs throughout the festival, documenting their cooking trials & errors, from start to finish. There will also be a book version, highlighting the chefs, photos of the food, and a recipe using a Mexican ingredient of their choice. 

Tuesday thru Sunday: Restaurant week throughout Tulum & Playa del Carmen. Participating restaurants will serve 3-course prix-fixe meals at a discounted price ($350 pesos / 18.00 usd for lunch and $450 pesos / 25.00 usd for dinner) 

Thursday at Dusk: We kick off the festival with the ‘Taste of Mexico’. Restaurants serve up 1 to 2 oz portions while our beverage sponsors serve up a sip. This night, there will be a Ceviche Challenge, where the Chefs vie for the best Ceviche title. 


Thursday Night: The parties begin. Our Private VIP Dinner & Party showcases the talent of Chef Nick Anderer & Felipe Donnelly, at Vespertina, a beautiful Tulum style Restaurant on the beach rode. Several other restaurants will be featured for all to attend. 


Friday day & Saturday day: Our Agave Festival will host a tasting of some of Mexico’s best agave spirits - from tequila to Mezcal, Pulque to Raicilla. What better way to taste these agave spirits, then with local food, music and crafts. 

Friday night:  We will present amazing dinners throughout Tulum with invited guest Chefs, local chefs and sponsored beverages. Our VIP Dinner & After Party will be held at the infamous Casa Malca, featuring Chefs Simone Merati & Jeremiah Longhorne. 


Saturday night closing dinner / party: We end the Festival, on the beach with 3 hotels side by side. A themed Carnival Style party, with selected chefs at each location serving up their rendition of street food. Our VIP table will have our VIP Chef Jose Luis Hinostroza and another super star chef from Mexico serving a 6-course dinner, on the beach, in the middle of the party. 


Sunday: Restaurant week continues and comes to a close. 

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