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Chef Christian Alzaga

Born in Hermosillo Sonora, the 34 years old graduated from the Higher School of Gastronomy.

Passionate for the authenticity of Mexican gastronomy.

In my culinary career, an interest was generated in the typical flavors of southern Mexico, in the authenticity of the local producers of Mexico and their culture. My first experience was in the Mayan Riviera in 2007, in the restaurant Negrosal as chef of specialties.

Afterwards, the opportunity was presented to work at the Om Hotel in Tulum, where he entered as an executive chef promoting a traditional menu with wood oven, grill and smoked menu that specialized in seafood, traditional Italian and traditional Mexican cuisine.

5 years later he was part of the restaurant Cenzontle in Tulum, as executive chef, creating a menu inspired by Mexican flavors of the center of the country and the south.

During this time I dedicate myself to promote knowledge and experience by initiating consultancies in food, beverages and specialty workshops in universities.

The undertaking one of my passions, led me to be the owner of a Food Truck "El Venustiano" registered by the Food Trucks Association of Mexico sharing a menu based on smoked and comfort food.

At the same time with a 360 degree turn, a new project was presented, "The Green Leaf" and the opportunity to know the vegan and vegetarian market, where the local producer, nature and conscience provides all the flavors of the vegeterian kitchen. Transforming the mentality in the local and tourist environment

Now years later I return to continue the project of the Cenzontle restaurant, where I as executive chef create menus with the same passion for local products. With more experience and to turn the same entrusts to publicize part of Tulum and my hands expressed in each dish

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