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Chef Christian Alzaga

Chef Christian Alzaga, passionate to authentic Mexican flavors, is a native of Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico, graduated from the Superior School of Gastronomy. His one true passion was to combine the traditional flavors of Mexico, using sustainable and local products. 


He began his career in the Riviera Maya, Negrosal Restaurant, as the Specialty Chef in 2007. It is here that Christian started to develop his own personality in his food, bringing the typical flavors of Southern Mexico along with the culture, and integrating it with local producers. 


Chef Alzaga’s next move was to Hotel Om in Tulum as the Executive Chef, where he combined the traditional flavors of Mexico combined with the traditional flavors of Italy, using a wood burning oven, grill and the techniques of smoking. 


5 years later he became the Executive Chef of Cenzontle Restaurant in tulum, creating a menu inspired by the flavors of the center of Mexico, and the South of Mexico. 


In the interim of cooking, he dedicated himself to teaching students in Universities. by creating workshops that focused on Food & Beverage. 


His latest endeavor is ‘The Venustian’ a registered Food Truck in Mexico, located in Merida. Here, Chef Alzaga created a menu of smoked comfort food. 


In addition, he has started a new project, at ‘Hoja Verde’ a complete Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant, in the Pueblo of Tulum. As the Executive of ‘Hoja Verde’, he is implementing a menu that will combine creativity to the traditional flavors of Mexico, giving the locals and the tourists a new way to visualize & taste the flavors of traditional Mexico. 

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