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Chef Jesus Gibaja

He started his studies at the Colegio Superior de Gatronomia in México City. Later he traveled to San Sebastián, Spain where he made a professional stage at the restaurant Arzak, run by Juan Marie Arzak, a chef who was distinguished by his multiple Michelin stars and his culinary revolution in the 90s. Nearby in Vitoria he was certified as a sommelier in the Vivanco Dynasty Vineyard, in the Rioja Alavesa.


He traveled to the United States to work in the 19th century restaurant of the Park HyaR hotel in the city of Philadelphia where he grew professionally under the command of Thomas Keller current chef owner of Per Se in New York City. He returned to Mexico with the idea of founding 'Gibaja Gastronomy in Concepto' that at first had the purpose of offering personalized and sophisticated catering services, trying to move the people to a new and exciting gastronomic experience. Through this road and due to the needs of its main clients the company was taking a turn to become a gastronomic solutions company where ideas are transmitted through food, landing advertising campaigns in BTL and professional promotions.

Due to his ease of speech, professionalism and contribution to the gastronomic culture, he was invited to be the host of the cooking section of the tv magazine most important show in Mexico during a two-and-a- half-year stage, broadcast throughout Latin America, the United States And Europe. He conducted the program's section on more than 370 live shows. As a result of his appearance in television continued being invited to participate in many other programs of the company Televisa. Later he carried a message of creativity with the simplicity of the kitchen of the day to day in the program ̈Hogar Express ̈ of Utilísima international, for the FOX network. He is the current chef of the program "The kitchen of Gibaja" transmiRed in Mexico by Unicable and abroad by Univision and the channel of the stars of Mexico, program in which, he tries at all times to carry a message of a kitchen of product always pufng Mexican producers and traditions in first place. He considers himself as a promoter of his country seeking to make known a Mexican cuisine of product that conveys the quality of the well done in Mexico. The success of his company Gibaja Gastronomy in Concepto in the world of advertising has led him to take captives as clients to companies like Splenda, Conagra Foods, Unilever de México, Nestlé, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Tfal among others.

Now a days he owns the restaurant “ Cantina La Piedra” in one of the most important streets in México City. He produces and is the star of 3 tv shows in which he travel all over México ( La cocina de los pueblos Mágicos ̈, México de Mil Sabores ̈and ̈Del Mercado al plato ̈) showing the main and most important traditions trought the kitchen. And its proudly the cooking host with more tv hours in spanish in hole world.
An active member of the Academie Culinaire de France and always trying to take to the world mexican kitchen with respect and honor. 

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