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Chef Alfredo Villanueva 

Chilango by birth but made in Monterrey!


Chef Alfredo Villanueva graduated as a Plastic Artist at the Faculty of Visual Arts. But his passion his true passion was realized in 1998 when he opened his first restaurant, a traditional cantina, Santa Lucia Botanero, in the city of Monterrey.


Self-taught and reading everything he found on operating and managing restaurants,  as well as Working in different restaurants in Spain (San Sebastian and Levante), as well as California  a 3-star Michellin restaurant, “The Restaurant" he quickly took himself from a novice chef/restauranteur to a  well-known Chef in Monterrey. 


His Restaurants, Romero & Azahar, XBX Café and Botanero Monterrey, Chef Villanueva looks for bold, profound and logical flavors to mold each of his dishes, creating an integration of skillful flavors. 


Chef Villanueva has participated in many Festivals, conferences and competitions. His authority in the kitchen as a speaker, judge or chef extraordinare. Sinaloa 2012, Mesà © rica 2013, Saber of Flavor 2014, Morelia in Boca 2015, Guanajuato Si Sabe 1014, Millesime 2015, Festival of Cheese 2015, Mayakoba Golf, Food & Wine 2017, Morelia in Boca 2017.


He has been invited to cook the National Gastronomy program in London 2014 (The Savoy Hotel), MalloryCourt 2015 (Chef Paul Foster), Paris 2015 (Day of the Dead), Elected as one of the 16 Mexican chefs named ambassadors of Mexico in the Gastronomy. He has also also participate in different events for the Foreign Ministry such as the diplomatic corps of nationals and foreigners.

Chef Villanueva has collaborated in Parallel Forum for its two issues and I belong to the Mexican Kitchen Collective since 2012. He has been a Brand Ambassador at Weber Grill Mexico since 2013 and has done training for WeberStore Chile and Weber Store Polanco.

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