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Chef Angel Coronado

Chef Angel Coronado.jpeg

Ángel Aguilar Coronado was born in Mexico City in 1982.His foray into the world of gastronomy started at the Trento restaurant, South of the city. Passing through all the stalls of the restaurant and complementing its gastronomic education with with courses and graduates in places like Madrid and London.

When he returned from Europe he decided to settle down in Los Cabos Baja California Sur where he worked in places like Palmilla, private chef in bahía rocas house in 2009 he has the opportunity to open the hotel Be Tulum, casa magna as executive chef. In 2015 he took control of all the kitchens of the Ahau hotel group with the position of corporate chef.

In 2017 he had the opportunity to do an internship at NOMA in his pop up made in Tulum.


He currently works for Cenzontle restaurant developing a new menu and creating new experiences for his guests.

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