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Chef Simone Colla


House pastry chef of Casa Malca, Chef Simone Colla is from Italy and started in the kitchen at a young age . He decided to study the degree of Hotel and after six years working as a cook chance led him to the bakery when he was offered a job at a hotel in Italy during the summer season. At that time, during the winters, he worked in Saint Moritz, Switzerland.

He then continued his experience in countries like England, France and Spain where he could hone their techniques and meet international and author of several restaurants estrellados and large hotels like Ritz Carlton and Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona where he was Sous Chef and soon, Chef pastry Pastry.

After a long season in Barcelona, Chef Simone built a solid foundation in traditional pastry and through admirers of his work came the opportunity to disembark in Tulum and be an important part of the culinary team at Casa Malca where he combines his passions for the sweet, his family. In his pastry constantly explores local ingredients, acquiring knowledge and developing techniques that are certainly a pleasant surprise the palate.

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