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Jasper Soffer

Jasper Soffer, master mixologist, has had a career in the bar industry as interesting and as lauded as the cocktails that he creates.

Jasper began in London at the ShoChu Lounge and his Asian inspired cocktail menu was heralded by Time Out Magazine five times during his tenure at this London hot spot.

Following a transition to New York City Mr. Soffer began working at the highly acclaimed Spice Market with chef Jean-George Vongerichten, a James Beard Award winner. He then secured the head bartender position at the legendary SoHo House, an exclusive, members-only club and hotel. It was here that Jasper mastered the fine details of cocktail creation and service in a demanding and challenging position.

During his tenure at the SoHo House Jasper was asked to join the Pegu Club by its founder Audrey Saunders, widely recognized as the leader of the high end bar industry. Here he worked to create a dynamic and interesting cocktail menu and learned the minute details necessary to succeed in the competitive industry of master mixology. With Jasper’s assistance and dedication Pegu Club took the honor of World’s Best Cocktail Bar in the Spirit Awards from Tales of the Cocktail in 2007.

Jasper then joined the team as manager at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel in New York City. As one of the most popular bars in the city, the Boom Boom Room saw Jasper excel as a leader of over 30 employees and he maintained the establishment’s high levels of customer service as well as their position as the leader in the then-emerging world of elevated cocktails.

Jasper took a sojourn to Australia and found success in a position at one of Sydney’s most famous bars, Eau du Vie, which won the World’s Best New Cocktail Bar award from Tales of the Cocktail in 2011. He also consulted with other bars in and around Sydney to improve their cocktail menus and standards of service.

Jasper is co owner and founder of the Mulberry Project based in New York City. Widely heralded as one of the leaders in the craft cocktail industry, Mulberry Project is responsible for pop up events in locations like Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. With a tradition of creating fine, bespoke cocktails, the Mulberry Project is rapidly becoming a fixture in the world of custom mixology.

Jasper has joined the Colibri Hotel Collection and has taken his vast and varied experience and combined that with his impeccable knowledge of cocktail creation to plan and implement a cocktail menu that is focused and cohesive, yet plays up to unique identity of each of property. With a focus on fresh ingredients found locally, such as fruit and herbs, Jasper’s cocktail menus are inviting and fun, yet are also familiar and pay homage to the Yucatan peninsula and its heritage.

Jasper also led Team Colibri to the Best Mojito award at the Rum Trade Festival held in Tulum in March of 2015.

With a clear focus on the guest experience and a keen knowledge of mixology, Jasper is a welcome addition to the Colibri team.

Mullberry Project

Jasper Soffer knows that a hot day at the beach calls for a cool, craft cocktail to complete the experience. Bringing back his internationally acclaimed Mulberry Project and its team of cocktail masters to Colibri Boutique Hotels La Zebra for the third year, Soffer is excited to create even more creative and personalized beverages for the hotel’s guests. In Tulum, Mulberry Project’s cocktails feature the local spirits and flavors of Mexico, highlighting mezcal, tequila and rum while adding a dose of mystery and intuition.

Just steps from the ocean, the pop-up on the sand offers a twist on cocktail culture.

Rather than ordering a pre-set cocktail from a list on a printed menu, guests at Mulberry Project at La Zebra select the liquor base that most appeals and “suggest” ingredients based on a chalkboard listing of market-fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices available that day.

The third step is pure magic: guests describe the “type” of cocktail they like — refreshing, sweet, spicy, tropical, bitter, dry, smoky, herbal and more. Then it’s up to the drink masters to handcraft the perfect bespoke drink. It’s a performance perfectly set against a backdrop of crashing waves and soft sand.

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