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Chef Diego Sobrino


From Veracruz, Diego always preferred the product over gastronomy. He had a farm with his family in Veracruz and that was where his love for ingredients was born. He liked to discover and try everything he found there.

 Although they also had to see his mother, his grandmothers and even his father, who liked to cook. It was through the kitchen, that the family gathered on Sundays, everyone prepared something together and, little by little, this became a family tradition. From there, Diego began to generate his passion, and when he went to friends' house he started cooking, he also organized his famous gourmet Tuesdays to pamper his friends and watch series.

After that experience he went to France to study at the Paul Bocusse Institute. That's where his career began. Diego did internships at three Michelin stars, he suffered a lot, but he also learned great things. Then he was with Michel Rostang in Paris and later with Julien Ducoté. After that, Diego wanted to learn another type of work within the gastronomy and went to work for one of the largest banquettes in France, some very large and with a large production. Finally, before returning to Mexico, he left as a private chef for a personality in Corsica, for three months.

After a project that did not work the chef did some consulting, and decided to leave the kitchen for six months and dedicate himself to rugby, a sport he always liked, he was given the whole northeast area of the country and his new job was to develop this sport together with schools and government entities.

After that, he met Eduardo Morali and invited him to Beef Bar, where he lived one of the best years he has ever had. He went to Café Ó with Paco Garduño and with him he was the corporate chef of his group, at the same time he was in Top Chef, which helped him to make himself known and the opportunity to take the Mexsi Bocú kitchen came out.

After bringing the glory to Mexsi Bocú, Diego Sobrino starts a new gastronomic stage as Executive Chef of Fairmont Mayakoba, in the Riviera Maya, away from the maelstrom of the capital to venture into El Puerto, La Laguna and Brisas, restaurants within one of the luxury hotels with the best ecological programs and distinguished with the distinctive 5 Diamonds of the American Automobile Association (AAA).

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